I'm Tinus

Software Engineer and Business digitalization specialist

I have a passion for technology, people and helping small to medium businesses leverage technology to improve their business operations and remain relevant in today’s technology-dominated world. I am a full time software engineer and leader working for Entelect South Africa.

Experienced in Business software, eCommerce and Cloud Solutions

I have worked on over 20 large enterprise business software solutions ranging from FinTech and banking to medical and logistics. I leverage these skills to provide small to medium sized businesses with world class technology solutions.

What Can I do for you?

I can assist your business in leveraging technology to help you stay ahead of your competitors.
Some examples include:


I can assist you in building or setting up an online custom store in manner that would make it easy and simple for you or someone from your company to manage the store. I can help you bring your retail business online


We often perform the same tasks every month and often enough we can leverage technology more effectively to automate some of these processes.

Business Consulting

I can leverage my experience solving problems for multiple companies to analyse your business processes to help identify areas that are inefficient or that can be greatly enhanced through technology to save money, improve productivity, etc.

Custom Software

Using world class development processes and frameworks I can help you develop custom software to run parts of, or your entire core business on.

2014: SAIEE National Student Project Competition

As the winner of the final year project at the North West University, I was invited to showcase my custom live streaming project. I am featured in a magazine article that can be found here.

2015: Computer Engineer at ESKOM

I worked as a Computer Engineer at the Distribution division of ESKOM. My main exposures included Telecommunication Design and Share Point Development.

2015 - 2018: Junior - Senior Software Engineer at Entelect

In my four years at Entelect I had great exposures to projects in the financial sector and worked my up from junior to intermediate and later senior software engineer over a periods of 3 years.

2019 - Today: Technology Team Leader

Since 2019 I have been leading teams of software engineers that manage over 20 various custom software systems for business across a wide range of domains.

My Experiences

I am very privileged to work for one of the best technology companies in Entelect. I am currently leading a 15+ person team where we are supporting over 25 custom built production systems. You can view my updated career history on my LinkedIn page.

My Services

I'm Available For Freelance Work

Business Technology Consulting

Send me an email and we can arrange a time to discuss how your business can take advantage of technology to gain a competitive edge.

Custom Software

Do you have an idea or are you looking to replace your out-dated Excel or paper-based processes with a custom piece of technology? Click the button below to contact me.

e-Commerce solution

If you plan to take your business online, send me a message and I will help you decide what type of solution will best fit your model.

Any Technology Queries

If you need some advice and assistance regarding a certain type of technology or global standard best practice, send me a message so I can assist.